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  • is a global tank asset management expert
  • is an international company that oversees more than 8,000 tank containers, chassis and  reusable cylinders around the world
  • Whether 200 or 5,000 tank containers - SWT monitors them all
  • Since 1995 SWT manages the container fleet of leading manufacturers of hazardous / high quality chemicals
  • Asset Management Systems (Strategic Wave's Isotrac ™ and Multitrac ™) continuously update and manage the status and position of each individual tank through global customer teams.

➢Fleet Tracking and Tracing: They know where your tanks are and where they are going.

➢Fleet Service Management: You can control the cost of your fleet.

➢Fleet Capacity and Planning: You have tank containers ready to deliver your products.

In summary, Strategic Wave provides you with information to move your tank container fleet better, faster, and cost-effectively!

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Ihr Partner für Gefahrgut
und Tankcontainer

Your partner for dangerous goods
and tank container

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